Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Samuel Takes the Bronze Medal

August 4, 2012
Our water boy enjoyed trying out his new water pistol and the hose at the cottage on the Saturday of the August long weekend. He loved being on the dock and at the beach. He was very interested in examining a large bass caught by Tony and Terry.

He helped Grandpa make fresh raspberry ice cream for lunch. He had his cone ready to go.

After a long nap, it was time to join the annual horseshoe tournment at the Tims'. He went straight to the beach where he played with Seb and tried a shrimp.

Then he and Seb tried horseshoes. The "Olympic" winners of the day were Kirk and Alice (gold), Sandy and Barrrett (silver) and Samuel (bronze).

Time for the fish dinner... and bubbles...  and cupcakes.

And, finally, a walk to his car as it was getting dark - time to head for home.

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