Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Saturday visit to 9 Lambert Dr.

May 26, 2012

As Karine was away on course and Grandpa was away on whitewater canoeing instructon with the Venturers, Barbara and Uncle Grant had their own visit with Samuel, Kirk and Boots.
 After a quick slide on his play structure, Samuel discovered the pond! He is a water boy…

 We had supper together on the deck. He looked sporty in his sunglasses. He enjoyed his first apricot.

 After supper, the five us did a hike around the block with Sam pedalling his tricycle, with a little help from Papa. When our neighbour walked by with her two dogs, Samuel said “deux chiens” (anything more than un is deux). Then he tried out Barbara’s new lawnmower – no problem!

 After all the fun outside, it was time for a bath – a happy  time for our little water boy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Maman est partie

May 21 and May 22

Sam and Kirk returned from a very long drive home from Vermont (1.5 hours at the Cornwall border). Maman Karine is taking a course for two weeks, so they all went down to camp and climb for the weekend.  We welcomed a hot boy home – Boots gave him a big lick as he hopped on his “motorcycle”. Grant pushed him around and he soon got reoriented. He loves his new sandbox!

Karine skyped in, so Kirk lured Samuel inside with Maman on the laptop screen. He had a nice chat…  “Allo Maman!”  And to us, “Maman est partie!”

 He happily ate his supper, followed by an entertaining bath and storytime before bed.

The next night, we all got together again. Grandpa barbequed some hamburgers. During supper Sam talked to Maman. He showed her his yogurt cone. Then, more fun in the bath…  Grandpa and Uncle Grant babysat while Kirk and Barbara attended a parents night at the Montessori daycare in Old Chelsea.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Babysitting Samuel

Friday, May 4

Bill, Barbara and Grant decided to have dinner and a vist with K, K & S. It had been a long day for them as Karine had an ultrasound and they also visited the Gatineau Birthing Centre. Check out the ultasound photo of Samuel's new sibling waving at us.

We had brought a cooler full of hot Chinese food so Samuel quickly got to work pulling out the bags and passing them to his Dad.

Soon we were all enjoying dinner on the deck.

As usual, we had a good playtime.
Samuel waved goodbye to his parents as they headed out to see King Lear at the NAC.
Finally it was storytime and bed.