Monday, April 30, 2012

Playing with Uncle Grant

April 29, 2012

Grant and Barbara drove up to Samuel’s house for a playtime visit on Sunday afternoon. As he is an outdoors boy, he was busy pulling his wagon, having a slide, a swing and “driving” both his toy car and Barbara’s car.

He also enjoyed a walk with Boots around the Pine Road loop.

He also put out some peanuts for his pet chipmunk and squirrel.

In the meantime, Kirk and Karine were busy with the ongoing bathroom improvements – it’s wiring time.

We enjoyed the outdoors time and the spring flowers. Samuel ran and gave Grant a hug as we were leaving to join Grandpa at home for supper.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Grandparents Drop in on the Way Home From the Cottage

April 24, 2012
On their way home, after several days building cement pillars at the cottage, Barbara and Grandpa dropped in to see Samuel. Although it was supper time, he decided he would rather read his farm book which was hanging together thanks to duct tape. Maybe he remembered our time together at the Valleyview Little Animal Farm and wanted to review all the animals and the sounds they make. He corrected Grandpa on “agneau” which he calls “mouton”.

The adults enjoyed Karine’s chicken breasts stuffed with dried tomatoes and topped with pesto and Samuel sampled Barbara’s almond butter. Boots happily chewed on a large ham bone.

After supper we checked out the construction improvements to the bathroom. Samuel and his parents posed for a family photo as they took the tired boy upstairs to bed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bowman Easter

April 9, 2012

On Easter Monday, Samuel’s Great Aunt Wanda invited the Bowman clan over for a turkey dinner. Of course, Samuel was the youngest one there – he got lots of attention playing with a helium balloon.

He loved to see Daisy.
Meanwhile Stephanie and Grant T. were busy preparing dinner.
At dinner he sampled everything, demonstrating, once again, his love for pickles (Valarie shares this passion). He also tried out some truck puzzle cards while the adults continued to enjoy dinner.

As a final touch we celebrated Val’s birthday.

Samuel played with the two Grants. Finally, the tired little boy brought out his pjs, his soother and his Lambchops – he was ready to go home and “faire do do”.