Saturday, January 28, 2012

Samuel's Second 2nd Birthday

For his actual birthday, Samuel had a full day.  He had a doctor's appointment in the morning. He weighed in at 32 lbs and is tall for his age. He had lunch and a nap at Aurel and Diane's, then came back home.

Grant and Bill picked up Chinese food and headed for 47 de la Rivière, arriving shortly after 5:30.  Barbara met Kirk at the NAC and they arrived minutes later. 

As the food was still hot, we sat right down to eat.  Samuel selected a regular chair, but Kirk persuaded him to go in the highchair.  Samuel is a good eater, and especially likes broccoli, so Chinese food is fine with him.  The garlic ribs each contained a "baton", which were fun for him.

Barbara had prepared blueberry lemon muffins before going to work, so one served as an impromptu birthday "gateau" with "feu".  Samuel seemed to enjoy it, but decided to share the second half of his muffin with Boots.

After a clean-up, Barbara got out a favourite toy - bubble wrap.  Kirk helped him break some bubbles in the chair, but it was even more fun to stomp on it on the floor.  Then it was time to test out one of Grandpa's Christmas cookies.

We watched a Becky Mason canoeing DVD which Barbara got for Christmas - he loves "eau" and "bateau". Grant read him a story from the book that Wanda gave him.  Then it was off to bed to try out his new PJs and listen to another story with Karine.  A tired happy boy...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Samuel's 2nd Birthday Party

January 21, 2012

Samuel's Bowman relatives all arrived at 47 de la rivière on Saturday to help him and his parents celebrate.  There were Wanda, Stephanie, Valarie & Grant, and the three of us.

Kirk and Karine had a lot of baby things to pass on to Val and Grant for their baby boy, who is due in April. We took the occasion to take some family portraits.

We brought Sam a birthday ring toss game, which provided some entertainment until our Grant's bouncing sit-on musical turtle was brought out.  It was an instant hit.  Wanda brought Sam an interesting book, which he will enjoy when things settle down. Of course, Sam displayed his usual interest in popping bubble wrap.

Karine and Kirk prepared a really super dinner which we all enjoyed. The highlight was Samuel's fish birthday “gateau”.  He blew out the candles and happily got right into the blue icing.