Monday, April 9, 2012

Trip to a Farm

Saturday, April  7, 2012

It was the Easter Long Weekend. As Kirk and Karine were continuing with their bathroom renovations, Samuel spent the day with his grandparents and Grant. After a checking out farm pictures in his new book, off we went to the Valleyview Little Animal Farm, just a short drive away, arriving just after it opened at 9:30am. He was quickly attracted to cement animals and play trucks at the entrance. He didn't like the dark Little Animal Barn, so after a short look at bunnies, we went back outside where he was attracted to a pond. He spent a long time studying the swimming ducks and geese.

He hiked with us down a path to the playground. He happily tried out the teeter-totters and slides.

He loved the sand and the equipment.

Of course, we knew he would love the "tracteurs". He tried them all.

He studied the animals, very interested in watching a "cheval" drink "l'eau".

He carried a little bag for collecting eggs as Valleyview Little Animal Farm was having an Easter Egg hunt. He happily popped the eggs he found into the bag. He also enjoyed playing in the sand with the eggs. At the end of the visit we went into the entrance building, watched some singing hens, and traded in his bag of eggs for a "biscuit".  He shared Grant's peas too.

We noticed that a train ride started at 11:45 and thought he would really like riding round the field. Although he liked climbing aboard, he started to cry when a very loud speaker boomed out info about the crops. Fortunately it was a short ride! It was time to leave for lunch.

As usual, at lunch he wanted to try everything we had - he loves pickles! After lunch he pushed some little bunnies around in the carriage. He wanted to take Paddington for a ride too but Grandpa explained that Paddington was wearing "bottes". So Samuel knew he should be "dehors", so took him to the front step. He had a good three hour nap and Grandpa pushed him around on his hand dolly before it was time to go home.

He was happy to get home to Mama, Papa, Boots and Reuben (They were dogsitting Reuben). He loves the small dog and took him for a walk all by himself. He enjoyed an Easter dinner and a small Easter egg, followed by showing us the photos at the farm and snuggling up with Reuben.

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