Sunday, August 26, 2012

Celebrating Grandpa's Birthday

August 25, 2012

As Grandpa and Barbara were about to leave on a birding trip to Hungary, they would be away for Grandpa's birthday. So they invited the family over for a hike, pizza and ice cream sandwiches. Sam gave Boots a snack and had a little play in the backyard, then he hopped on his "tricycle" and pedalled off to the dog park. Everyone was hungry and thirsty when they returned, so we enjoyed a relaxing dinner together. Sam and Papa helped Grandpa blow out his birthday cookie candle - three generations of candle blowers. Then he showed Grandpa the "poisson" and the "bateau" on his homemade birthday card. As it was getting dark, Sam, Grandpa and Uncle Grant read his new book, L'├ętang, several times before he set off for home to "faire dodo".

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