Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anniversary and Birthday Celebrations

July 27 & 30, 2012

When Barbara, Grandpa and Uncle Grant dropped in for a visit on the their way to the cottage, Friday, July 27, Samuel was busy helping move wood his Papa had split. He and Karine checked out a "bibit" that was resting on one of the logs. He tried some chopping  himself. He gave us all a goodbye hug and went up on his deck for supper.

On the way home from the cottage, Monday, July 30, we all had a good time watching the new log splitter at work.

 Then Grandpa, Boots, Barbara and Sam went for a good walk together, down to the Gatineau River. The bateaux were popular.

Back home, it was time to celebrate Barbara's birthday - she appreciated a beautiful homemade (by Sam) card  and cheesecake ( by Kirk).

After an anniversary photo, Maman and Papa went out to Les Fougères to celebrate their first anniversary.
Samuel enjoyed an active playtime with Uncle Grant until it was storytime and bedtime. A sleepy boy...

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