Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Sick Day

July 12, 2012
For a second time this week, Grandpa and Uncle Grant looked after Samuel. His Major grandparents had him for a day too. Fortunately, he still had the energy to play.

This time he came to 9 Lambert where he enjoyed the backyard slide and the "eau" in the pond. Grandpa and Uncle Grant pushed him on his trike over to the park where he enjoyed the water feature and wanted to see how to turn it on. He tried both kinds of swings, and Grandpa made a short video of him. Uncle Grant tried the swings too.

Then it was back to 9 Lambert for lunch and a nap in Papa's old bed (no crib for him!)

Barbara came home bearing a train helium balloon. She introduced him to safety scissors, which he had a great time with while Grandpa baked some muffins.

When Maman and Papa arrived, Sam showed them the photos taken at the water park. Then he and Grant enjoyed a juice popsicle outside and Sam sampled the muffins.

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