Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Work and Play Day at Home

March 10 2012

It was a sunny Saturday morning and we arrived at Kirk, Karine and Samuel's for some outdoor time in the sun and some K&K assistance with their bathroom reno. Earlier in the morning, they had set up their maple syrup pails, anticipating a sap run on Sunday. We had some outdoor playtime with Samuel who enjoyed running around and playing with his balloon and some icicles. He observed his Dad and Uncle Grant installing a window in neighbours, Jim and Faith's, greenhouse to be.

After lunch featuring his favourite "hummus", he had a long nap. Grant helped with bathroom work while Barbara and Bill snowshoed on the trail at the end of Mountainview Rd. and then popped into Wakefield for some bakery goods.

Later in the afternoon, Samuel enjoyed some reading time with Grandpa. A hearty dinner featured homemade pea soup and , hutspot, a yummy Dutch mashed potato/onion/carrot dish with cheese chunks: - recipe shared by their friends Henk and Jodi.

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