Sunday, March 25, 2012


March 24, 2012

Today was Mike and Lenke's wedding on the covered bridge in Wakefield.  Samuel was invited and, apparently, loved their wedding cake. Kirk had delivered and set up the chairs they had used for their wedding last July - just the right number for Mike and Lenke's small family/friends wedding. As grandparents, we were reserved as sitters so Kirk and Karine could enjoy an evening wedding dinner at Fraser's Café in Ottawa.

After a quick change out his wedding clothes, Samuel hopped in our van with Boots and we travelled to our place for a sleepover. We enjoyed supper together, Samuel trying everything we had. Ummm... mustard and applesauce are great on pasta! Tangerines are a favourite - opening them is as much fun as eating them. After a busy play, it was time for a long night's rest, settling in about 8:30pm. His parents would arrive for their sleepover about 1pm.

Samuel was up at 6am, starting breakfast with his Dad. Barbara, Boots and Bill soon joined them for fruit salad, croissants, French toast and coffee. As it was cool this morning, Sam lit the fire (over and over again!).

A fun, splashy bath followed.

It was time for Boots' walk. Although we thought Sam would love his new red tricycle, he tried to convince us to use the sled (he remembered this from his last visit). After a bit of dog walking, Sam tried pushing the tricycle and finally decided he would give it an try. After a swing in the park, he rode back home and was happy to see Maman was up to greet him.

After a quick look at his play structure, he headed inside to warm up and to play some more before it was time to go home.

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