Monday, September 24, 2012


September 21 and 23

As Sam loves to play, when Barbara and Grandpa invited Karine and Sam our for lunch in Wakefield on Friday, Karine suggested Chamberlin's Lookout above Wakefield General Store as it has a children's palyroom. Plus we had a delicious lunch. Sam had hummus and vegetables, a favourite, as well as peanut butter. At the table, he played with a backhoe, picking up and transporting things.

On Sunday, Barbara and Grant visited K&K&S to play with Sam and to help with the ongoing bathroom construction. Sam demonstrated his rope swinging skills, then played in the sand with Grant. He shared some noodle soup with Maman. We all made our own grilled tomotato and cheese sandwiches or toased bagels on the grill.

Sam had fun organizing the clothespins - he really concentrated on this.

Meanwhile Papa was building a new sink counter in the upsatirs bathroom. Sam loved the cardboxes that it produced. Maman was sealing the caulking around the downstairs bathroom tub. Grant and Papa brought the tub up from the basement. We all know who will have the first bath!


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