Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family Picnic

June 19, 2012
Our family picnic to celebrate Wanda's birthday and Gavin's arrival was a very happy event. We all met at Andrew Haydon Park on a warm Tuesday evening. It was Samuel's first time at the park. He started by meeting Gavin.

Then off he went to explore the pond, the fountain, chased some geese...  he even watched famous birder Wilson Hum in action. Then he discovered the pirate ship play structure. Papa had to hoist him up on his shoulders to return to the pavilion for our pot luck picnic.

He enjoyed his supper while Gavin napped. Then Gavin enjoyed his supper with Val and Grant.

He ended his park visit with a tricycle ride around the pond with Grandpa, Uncle Grant, Stephanie and Gavin. The remote controlled "bateaux" were a big hit. Finally, as the boys got tired...  it was time to go home.

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