Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day in the Snow

February 18, 2012

On Saturday morning, Barbara and Grant arrived at Samuel’s house, as Grant was needed to help move the washer and dryer to the basement for the upcoming bathrooom/laundry room renovation. We stayed for the day and had fun in the snow. First we met the new neighbour’s dog, Chester, and Samuel and the three dogs led the way for a walk.

Then Samuel played with Kirk’s old red shovel. Grant used Samuel’s yellow shovel to throw snow “up” for Boots who jumped for it. “Up” was a lot of fun.

More fun “driving” Barbara’s car and sliding.

We helped Kirk move some wood out of the basement to make way for the appliances. Then it was time for the heavy moving job.

When we went in for lunch, we admired the Valentines Samauel had made for his parents. Samuel showed off his new car bed and snuggled in for his afternoon “do do”.

When Samuel got up from his nap, he noticed that the laundry room needed some housecleaning and he got right to it.
He enjoyed the nighbour’s bobsled run. Check out the video:
What a brave boy! He pulled his sled up the hill himself, enjoying several daring runs.

Barbara and Samuel hiked through some deep snow holes to get to the backyard “bateau”. Then it was inside time for a “feu”. Soon Karine came home from work and got busy cooking a special supper of rice noodles and fresh vegetables.

Before we left, we said goodbye to Bagel – a final farewell. He seemed to have a good day today and did not seem in much pain. We will miss our 15 year old smiling “puppy”.

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